German Chamber of Commerce & Volkswagen Group China

Technical Solutions

The Partner Support Program (PSP) aims to make a global work assignment an attractive choice for the delegate's spouse by focusing on comprehensive integration during the time abroad.

The program builds support on three fundamental pillars: career, further education and social engagement. Our experienced China staff support and consult spouses on-site and match their needs with available options in China. The consultants will provide tailor-made support and research suitable options in order to facilitate the integration process. Further career choices may open up and help transform the international assignment experience into the long-term career path of the spouse.

The Partner Support Program (PSP) was initiated by Volkswagen Group China and German Industry & Commerce in 2011. By the end of May 2015, services were delivered to around 650 spouses in different locations throughout China. In addition, the PSP has been implemented in 13 countries and 39 locations worldwide by the AHK and IHK network.

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