Renowned MNCs such as Volkswagen, Porsche or Wanda Media as well as select SMEs rely on our expertise in strategic consulting, creative design and development, and digital marketing. Our in-depth insights on the newest global digital trends have helped our clients stay on top of their game.

From entrepreneurs working remotely to MNCs operating across the globe, commercial success for companies and individuals today largely depends on how they perform in the digital world. At AKRYL our mission is to provide our corporate clients with innovative and comprehensive digital strategies that enable them to effectively promote and sell their services or products online. Our consultants provide insights on the latest opportunities arising from new technologies and marketing channels.

Digital strategy, user-friendly design, comprehensive data monitoring

Once we have analyzed the digital ecosystem and specific needs of our clients, we make sure that the digital strategy gets successfully implemented. In order to do so, our experienced consultants work hand in hand with our senior designers and developers. Whether we are creating a new website or running a marketing campaign on Google or Baidu, our team knows how to make use of the latest technologies and design trends.

We strongly believe that design and technology should solve problems and we strive to provide our corporate clients with a clean and user-friendly web presence. Moreover, powerful analytics software now offers the chance to view and analyze user behavior, conduct A/B testing, and optimize sales funnels. Our analysts are experts in different software solutions including such Google Analytics and Piwik.

Finally, our agency not only provides professional services for the digital world, but also helps corporate clients with their print media communication materials. We create entire Corporate Identities and logos as well as business cards, brochures and event materials.

Rely on our expertise and international network

As an agency we have worked for clients from the private sector for more than 15 years. Thanks to our strong presence not only in Germany but also China, we are able to help our clients expand to promising Asian markets. While doing so, we make sure that local factors such as user preferences and country-specific online platforms are properly integrated and aligned with the global digital strategy.