In order to keep users coming back to your site or to spread the word about a new product through an online marketing campaign, it is essential to have attractive contents. You want to grab the attention of potential costumers; you want to enhance the reputation of your brand; you want the online community to talk about you. The key question is this: what do you have to say? And how can you say it best? Welcome to the massive and tricky universe of digital content. You’re well advised to rely on professionals who can help you get your key message across and attract the online community’s attention.

Photo Shoots

Pictures are one of the most important kind of content online. A picture is worth a thousand words is what they say, right? That holds true for your brand, product or service. At AKRYL, we’ve conducted numerous photo shoots together with various professional photographers in China and Europe. Some examples where pictures form the core of online content production include: online magazine and newspaper articles with big pictures to grab your readers attention and product display pages, where you need even bigger and nicer photos – and if it is fashion, preferably with professional models. Through our proven partners, we can offer you photo shoots and professional post production to ensure you put the best pictures online. Check out the style show we did for AA.

Video production and Viral Videos

Besides pictures and text, videos are a powerful source of content on the web. The introduction of high-quality cameras in mobile devices and the availability of editing software has enabled more and more ordinary people to create content in video format. However, to convey your brand’s image and place a video ad for your product, careful planning, directing and a thorough post production are indispensable.

Everyone not living under a rock has heard of viral videos. Let’s review: a viral video is a clip that becomes popular by being shared on the internet, typically through social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter and typically hosted on a video sharing websites such as YouTube. While “viral” has become a popular buzzword, people often forget the skills that are necessary to create a meaningful, creative, and ultimately successful online video. Sure, you can, just post a clip of your cat on YouTube (back in ’00 you would have been successful, too!) . But if you want to get serious with your brand or product, you’ll need professional assistance. AKRYL’s partners include professional directors, cameramen, script writers and cutters.

Motion and Sound Design

Two notable skill-sets that we are able to offer you may well make the crucial difference when it comes to creating digital content: motion and sound design. Motion design can be seen as a subset of graphic design since it uses graphic design principles in a video production context. Our professional motion designers use Adobe After Effects to employ animations or cinematic techniques to enhance your video (including kinetic typography and web-based animations). Sound design, on the other hand, is the process of identifying, acquiring, manipulating and generating audio elements. Our experienced sound designers edit previously composed or recorded audio files, such as music and sound effects, and create compositions that create a desired effect or mood to enhance your website or mobile app.


Through our partners, we’re able to offer you 2D and 3D animations. 2D animations are created and modified by our animators by using bitmap or vector graphics. 2D animations were mainly used for Flash and PowerPoint animations, but have seen a second golden era since the rise of html5. While 2D animation tends to focus on image manipulation and flowchart-type data, 3D techniques can create virtual worlds featuring characters and objects that move and interact. To learn more about all the services in the field of digital content production that AKRYL is able to offer, just get in touch with us now!