We help you understand the digital ecosystem your company or institution is operating in.

When tasked with defining the strategy and objectives for your web presence it is essential you are familiar with the latest developments in technology, digital marketing, and the regulatory framework. Moreover, especially in larger government institutions and multinational corporations it is often the case that specific digital campaigns or initiatives need to be aligned with the broader global communications strategy. We make sure that digital strategies are compatible with overall guidelines and frameworks and that all involved stakeholders can make informed decisions.

Key topics we cover include:

Analysis of country specific digital ecosystems
Latest trends in ICT technologies
Country specific social media platforms
The continuing rise of mobile technologies and platforms
Internet governance, privacy laws, and country-specific regulations
Internet in China
Big Data

Our experienced consultants have advised various government agencies, MNCs, and public sector clients on these important issues.

Staying on top of the latest trends

Understanding the implications of technological innovations is essential if you’re to ensure your company or institution’s sustainable development and success. The mobile revolution as well new trends such as wearable technologies, the internet of things, industry 4.0., artificial intelligence or augmented reality will play a key role in how you will engage your audience, produce and sell products or services or advocate for a cause. We help you access these highly complex subjects and turn insights into comprehensive strategies and practical “best practice” guidelines.

Strategic reports, management briefings, and capacity building

We provide tailor-made studies and advice based on your organization’s specific needs. In a first step, our consultants analyze your existing digital strategy, campaign objectives and additional requirements. We then highlight key challenges and provide concrete solutions. Our consultants prepare strategic reports on specific subjects and present our findings at annual or quarterly senior management meetings. Moreover, we engage in capacity building in your organization and help build the foundation for tomorrow’s success.