You have a nice website but no one visits it regularly? Well, you should consider setting up your own newsletter. If your target group doesn’t come to your website, you go to them and lead them to your website. Most people think that it’s too much work to start writing a monthly newsletter in addition to running their website.

Actually it’s not. Here is why:

  • You can re-use your web contents. This can be existing contents or specifically produced contents for your website. You just need to add the links to the newsletter accordingly.
  • You just need one design which you can use and modify as long as you want. This design will serve as a layout template. It’s distracting to the users to change the design and structure of your website too often anyway.
  • You don’t have to do additional surveying anymore. For example, you don’t have to call your clients and ask them if they have received your newsletter and which contents they liked the best. Instead, you will get a report with statistics about how many people opened the newsletter and how many people clicked on which contents. If you operate internationally, you can even segment your users by countries. It’s time to get to know your users!

If you still think that’s too much work for you, then AKRYL will gladly do this job for you.

A newsletter has to be set up professionally

How many newsletters do you receive per day? Quite a lot. How many of these do you actually read? Probably just a few.And how many do you really appreciate? We leave this answer to you.

As you can see, among the newsletters everyone of us receives per day or week, your own newsletter has to be outstanding. But before we talk about providing you with your own eye-catching newsletter, you have to consider your target group’s behavior:

  • Given the amount of emails we receive per day, the attention that we’re willing to pay to newsletters (“advertisements”) is quite limited.
  • Users read newsletters quickly and instantly. They won’t take their time and get back to your newsletter to read it later.

The way to an outstanding newsletter

First of all, it’s the contents that matter. No one wants to read about boring topics. At least you have to tell your users something interesting. We strongly advise you to be creative on your topics. Once you defined your contents, AKRYL will help you make your contents more attractive to all of your users.

Secure email delivery

Your newsletter has to be supported by all major email programs and email providers such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, hotmail, yahoo or Gmx. In order to prevent your newsletter from ending up in spam folders or to get blocked, the newsletter has to be sent out via a professional email marketing system. It might be easy for you to send out 10 emails, but sending out 10,000 emails is another story. In any case, AKRYL’s technical team will take care of the sending process to guarantee a secure email delivery.

Your target user reads about you

Your email newsletter layout has to be clear and well structured. We provide you with design layouts which the users find easy to read. Imagine a user who spends all his day in front of a computer and then receives your email. If it is too troublesome to read the contents because of a messy layout (tiny fonts or poor space alignments), he will delete the newsletter immediately. But if he can access the key message and key contents clearly and quickly, your target users will actually read what you have to say.

The target user interacts with your contents

Because newsletters are read quickly and instantly, it’s not good to fill your newsletter with too many contents. Less is more. What counts is the interaction with your web contents. Therefore, we recommend you provide your readers with teaser information in form of short descriptions. Once they’re on the hook, they have to interact with your contents by clicking on a “read more” link. In order to read the full story, they have to open your web page. That will attract first time visitors to your website!

AKRYL will gladly deliver your newsletter to your customers. Just like in the old days when the postman came to pick up your delivery. The A-Team makes sure that the delivery reaches its destination safely. Get in touch with us and let us know what you want to have delivered.