Do you have an application?

No? Well chances are you need one, even if you don’t think you do. Take UNIQLO for example – they have an alarm clock for your iPhone. The app store is another chance you have to get your brand out there. Sure – there are plenty of apps that augment the business models of their owners. There are many that *are* the business model! But the takeaway here is there seems to be no reason not to have at least one iPhone / Android application.

iOS is all the rage amongst, well, everyone. Apparently, devices powered by this operating system have propelled Apple to the star of the tech world. If you don’t own one of these things. I am still sure half the people you know do. Imagine your brand in the hands/pockets of millions of people. Interacting with you. It’s the new version of TV display advertising back when that was new.

Of course, Android is out there as well. Android is to iOS as PC is to Mac. It is the second best known after iOS, but it’s market share is larger. Most Samsung or HTC phones ship with Android which accounts for the large amount in use. The list of manufacturers go on though. Check ’em out here: Chances are, if you are holding a phone-like device in your hand that has a big screen and some kind of internet capability – and you’re sure it’s not an iPhone – it’s an Android device.

These two different smart phones dominate the market of true “smart phones”. Blackberry is going down, but Windows Mobile might make a come back (that’s what some people are saying; we’re personally not sure on this), too. So which one(s) do you need an application for? They each have their user groups which may or may not overlap with your target group. As most things in the consumer electronics sector, the short answer is: “It’s complicated”. We have your back. Get in touch with us!