We create engaging web presences for major public sector agencies, educational institutions, and advocacy groups. Over the years we have built a strong track record as regards the public sector and our clients include major research universities, schools, and UN institutions.

When it comes to informing the public or reaching a target group with a specific cause, an effective digital strategy and modern web presence are indispensable. Our consultants, web and print designers and digital marketing experts make sure that our clients from the public sector get the best digital means to fulfill their missions. Moreover, it is our goal to contribute to institutional learning and digital capacity building forms a core part of our work for public sector clients.

Helping the public sector understand the opportunities of the digital world

Our consultants and web specialists are experts in analyzing the latest trends and developments in various digital ecosystems. Understanding where and how to best engage a particular target group is the foundation of any successful website or social media campaign. Based on extensive research and data monitoring we make sure that our clients from the public sector know how to capture the attention of their audience.

Over the years, we at AKRYL have worked with numerous clients from the public sector and our project managers have gained valuable experience in working with large institutions. We have helped schools and academic institutions reach parents and students and have implemented secure applications, innovative communication platforms, knowledge management systems as well as a wide range of classic print materials.

Technology to support a cause

As a company we strongly believe in the work of our public sector clients. Education, international development, and children’s rights are some of the causes we strongly support. Thanks to our international setup and presence in China, we are able to provide effective and cost-efficient services for agencies operating in Asia. By delivering outstanding results to our clients we hope to contribute to making this world a better place.