As the number of internet pages increases every day, ranking high within organic search results for the best keywords has become a real challenge. Paid inclusions give marketers a possibility to buy targeted traffic on a pay-per-click basis, making use of networks such as Google Adwords.
What can SEM do for me?

A well-planned and executed SEM campaign provides great advantages. In contrast to SEO you will see much faster results and don’t have to wait for a long time until your website gets found on the search engines. Instead you can receive almost instant traffic for groups of selected keywords.

Therefore, it’s also a perfect solution to promote campaigns limited to a short period of time or to quickly test landing pages for optimization. SEM gives you full transparency and more control over your results. If you advertise on Google Adwords you can also decide if your campaign will show up on the publisher network. In this case your ad will be seen not only in the normal search results but also on other websites relevant to your chosen keywords – increasing your visibility even more!


Why hire an agency?

SEM campaign management requires constant research and testing. In order to maximize success, the campaign needs to be monitored and optimized regularly. Depending on the size of the website and the number of keywords this can be a real full time job. Working together with an experienced SEM agency enables you to make use of expert knowledge and better concentrate on your actual business. A professional agency like AKRYL will help you develop an individual strategy, choose the most profitable keywords with the highest conversion rates, and offer additional coaching and training.
SEM Service: About our experts

Every company has different goals. Whatever your principal business objective may be, our highly trained and experienced SEM experts can help you starting your campaign, reduce your cost-per-click or target your local market more strategically. In order to be a perfect match, our first step in the process will be listening to you, and then defining your business goals in further detail. We believe this step is actually very important, so we get to know you better!

Our SEM Services include:

  • a dedicated SEM consultant
    keyword research & evaluation
    account set-up & management
    campaign planning
    landing page optimization
    continuous monitoring

But wait… there is even more!

Online Advertisement isn’t just all about the search engines. In fact, did you know there are many different smaller and bigger advertisement networks that have nothing to do with SEM? Think of social networks or the various ad servers running on major news sites for example. Not all of them use the pay-per-click model, but might charge monthly rates or by number of impressions. Depending on your type of business, these networks can also be a possibility to receive significant targeted traffic.

We offer customized advertisement solutions, including text and image ads, banner creation and ad serving. Our marketing experts will develop individual campaigns that fit your specific needs. To learn more about the AKRYL SEM campaign management service and our online advertisement solutions, please contact us now.