You need to perform regular maintenance

It’s essential to keep in mind that your website is a living thing. Many forget that launching a website is just the first step in the journey to maintain an online presence. No matter if you have a small corporate website, a huge social community or e-commerce site, you need to perform regular maintenance in order to keep things running smoothly. Even a simple security update can turn into a major headache if it isn’t done correctly. The A-Team is there to help you with these ongoing tasks and can provide you with a comprehensive plan to tackle each and every issue that may arise. In short: our professional maintenance services ensure that you sleep well at night. They include:

  • Core and plugin updates
  • Back-ups of database and site
  • Check for dead links
  • Check website statistics
  • Check site’s link popularity and search engine ranking
  • Server optimization

We keep your website up to date

Oftentimes you find yourself in a situation where you want to focus on your business rather than maintaining your website. In that case, we’re also happy to assist you with content updates. You will simply have to send us text and picture files and we will integrate the contents into the CMS. In other words: We can take care of ALL your content updates.

If you decide to maintain your website with us, you’ll be able to access our 24/7 support center via the project management tool Basecamp. Just as during the development process of your website, you’ll always be able to communicate with us. Our Basecamp support offers the following advantages:

  • 24/7 support; access your Basecamp account at any time
  • Ask questions, report problems, etc.
  • Just post text and picture files to Basecamp and we’ll integrate them into your site
  • Content will be updated within 3 days

Many of our clients choose to combine maintenance with a monthly newsletter that we manage and send for them. To discuss which kind of maintenance package is best for you and what services should be included, get in touch with us now!