Even the most sophisticated website will have no value for you if you don’t get users to access it. Nothing is worse than constantly putting contents on your website, but having no one read them.

Most people are so focused on having the perfect website that they tend to ignore the fact that it’s important to drive traffic to the site once it has been launched. Having a simple social marketing plan is a good starting point.

Social marketing is all about improving the online awareness of your brand and increasing the web traffic rate. If you have ten visitors a day on your website, you should get started by aiming at doubling that rate. If you have 1,000 visitors per month, why not create 2,000 visitors on a single day? It certainly is good to make progress.

Social strategy: This is how it works:

Your new website just launched and the objective is clear: you need to tell the online world that your website is ready to be visited. The social marketing campaign will serve as a ramp and boost up the web traffic gradually. First, AKRYL will determine your online target group. In a second step, we will implement a social marketing strategy that guides users to your website. This strategy could, for instance, focus on spreading an interesting story or a series of special pictures. Via Google Analytics, we will closely monitor the traffic on your website and provide you with a final statistics report.

Did you know that we are local heroes?

For instance, our Beijing A-Team works together with fashion bloggers who are experts in writing about fashion and lifestyle topics. Most of them previously worked for renowned fashion magazine such as Vogue China, Elle, and GQ. We even run our own online fashion magazine called STYLEBOOK which also features guest articles from various fashion bloggers in China. We successfully conducted social marketing campaigns for American Apparel and Hugo Boss. In China, we mainly work with social media platforms such as Weibo, Kaixin, Douban, Youku and Tudou. A social marketing campaign in China is useful to you, if …

  • … your company just entered the Chinese market and needs to increase its online brand awareness
  • … your product is well known in the West but still unknown to potential Chinese customers


Benefit from our China expertise and get in touch with us. Our A-Team will gladly clear the road for you and lead the traffic to your website.