First things first: let’s figure out what you actually need! Perhaps you already have a pretty clear idea of what your website or mobile application is supposed to look like. Maybe it’s all rather vague. No matter where you are in your planning process, we’ll sit down with you and make sure we start the project from a solid basis.

There are some important key points we will help you clarify:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the main objective of your website or app?
  • What do you want the users to focus on?
  • How can we improve conversion rates?
  • What image do you want to convey?
  • What about user interaction and sharing of contents?

Having worked on numerous different projects over the past decade, we at AKRYL will gladly provide you with all the expertise we have gained in web design, web development, and mobile development.

  • Turning an idea into a successful product
    • It’s a good way to think of your project as building a house in the digital world. In our case, architects are actually designing a flow of information rather than brick and mortar. Information architecture is the science of arranging and labeling websites, mobile applications or intranets and software to enhance usability. In fact, IA involves more than just the organization of your website. We also focus on user experience (UX) and clarify issues of classification and information retrieval.

  • Step one: Technical specifications and site map
    • Once we have determined the overall objective of your project, we will start building the foundation of your new website or app. The first step will be to write up detailed technical specifications. In other words, we will translate the general idea and concept into something a programmer can actually work with. We will map out which functions are featured in your website or mobile app and how the flow of data is handled by the system. A useful planning tool is the site map we will create for you. This map will list the pages on your website or app in an hierarchical fashion and provides you with a visual overview of the entire product.

  • Step two: Wireframes
    • A wireframe for a website or mobile application, which is sometimes also referred to as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is the visual guideline we will produce for you. It represents the skeletal framework of your site or app. The wireframe depicts the layout of the different pages and how the contents are arranged (including the main navigation and interface elements). Rather than focusing on design or the look and feel of your product, the wireframes focus on functionality, users’ behavior, and how contents are prioritized.

      Our wireframes show:

      • The various functions that are featured
      • The different kinds of information that are displayed
      • What information and functions should be focused on
      • The rules for displaying different information
      • The various effects featured in the display

      We make sure that the wireframe connects the Information Architecture with the visual site of your website or app.

  • Additional consulting
    • Here is why you get a real bang for your buck at AKRYL: in addition to providing you with a solid foundation for your web or mobile project, we are happy to share two key experiences with you. First, we at AKRYL started as a web design company in Germany, but then moved to China and experienced first hand what it means to expand a business to Asia. Just as in the real world there are major differences in taste, structure and user behavior in the Chinese digital landscape. We will help you adapt your website or app if your main focus lies on a Chinese target group. Second, not only have we conceptualized and implemented numerous projects for our clients, but we have also run our own community website in China. As a result we were able to gain valuable experience in improving conversion rates, monitoring user behavior, and focusing on core contents.