Do you want a website?

Website, web application, software solution that supports your business… We do all of that.

Why not do it yourself? Hire a programmer or 20 and start cranking out world-class software that is custom made to your specifications and taste. Heck, if you make it yourself, you have full control over what you get right? There is a very simple reason why you shouldn’t.

Perpetual movement

The web is constantly changing. Be it server infrastructure (have you heard of the cloud?) or HTML5 eye candy, nothing stays the same. You have to be on your toes or you will be swept away to internet purgatory where all the <marquee> tags and table based layouts went to die in ’96. Still using Flash? Iframes? Background music? All gone the way of the dodo – and all of this for good reasons.

What about mobile? How does that even work? JSON or XML? Both? Should we use Storyboard? QR WHAT? Retina display? Geo-fencing? …It can be mind-boggling.

We understand that you simply can’t do what you are doing well and be up to date on these things. If you try, you will spend so much of your precious time, which, in our opinion at least, is spent more wisely on growing your business/mountain climbing/playing with your kids.



What we do best

We love all this stuff. We love the big picture. We love the nitty-gritty. We prefer JSON over XML except when we want namespaced, mixed content documents. We like spending a few extra hours in the office playing with node.js NoSQL. It is time well spent – we know this! – because one day someone like yourself will knock on our door and require it from us.

When we sit down with you and review your project, we’ll decide which framework or platform is best for you. Drupal,WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop – we work with all of them!

Don’t hesitate. We can help. Get in contact with us.

Oh and if you have an idea in your mind and just need some consulting on technical matters, guess what? We do that too.