How often did you encounter a website that was poorly designed? How often did you hear yourself say: “Why is done so complicated?” Poorly designed websites leave an awkward impression on the users. It’s time for a better design!

And that’s what we hear all the time; all of our clients want to have a better design. But what does it actually mean, a better design?

Modern websites are usually clean, simple and intuitive. These are the principles which our designs are based on. But a good web design has to offer much more. Let’s take a look at the details:

Customized design

Different target groups require different designs. For instance, if your target group is hipsters, make sure that you have a trendy and stylish website. If your main users are business partners or clients who are looking for valuable information, it’s better to have a clean, serious design. Therefore, we analyze your target group before starting the design process.

Useful design – It’s not only the look and feel that matters, but also the usability of a design. A good design helps users to navigate through the website easily. The key objective is to give the users fast access to the contents. If it’s taking too long to find the contents, the users will lose interest and leave the site. We define the most valuable contents together with you.

No Flash bling-bling anymore Today, Flash has become a somewhat outdated technology. Actually, there a good reasons for this trend and we at AKRYL agree with Steve Jobs who noted that Flash technology is unreliable and not secure. In fact, Flash is not helpful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The way to a better web design

Quality design needs time, and we at AKRYL take our time to offer you the best web design has to offer. With more than ten years of design experience, we know how to effectively guide you towards a successful design. Based on our designers’ input and your feedback, we constantly optimize and fine tune your design during two design presentation steps: the draft presentation and the final design presentation.

During the draft presentation we show you the key idea of the design. Subsequently, we implement your feedback and tweak the design elements until everything is perfect.

At the final design presentation we’ll present the full scope of the design, including all sub pages and additional web elements. Once you have approved the final design we’ve reached an important milestone in the creation of your new website.

We’d love to help you with a better design. Get in touch with us and the A-Team will gladly work its design magic for you